Welcome to the PTA section.

Thank you for coming along to check out Cwmlai PTA's news... 


We are aiming to make the PTA as paperless as possible, and so our newsletters and notices will be put up here and shared where possible...


We have Facebook parents' page, run by parents for parents. Here you can ask questions that other parents may be able to help you with, "is it own clothes day?", "how much are school dinners?" etc.. Think of it as a digital yard; for those days when you are not on the school run.


This new school year we have had a wonderful intake of new volunteers, bringing much enthusiasm to the PTA committee. Everyone is welcome, no contribution is too small, so please shout if you would like to join in...


If you are interested in being part of the PTA, in anyway at all, let me know how you would like to help.. Hold a stall at a fair, bake cakes, run an event, email businesses for raffle prizes, etc. Anything, please send me an email: with your details so we can welcome you!!  


Looking forward to a fun filled school year of fundraising events for our wonderful Cwmlai Primary School.