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Good Luck Wales!

Our good luck messages to the Welsh team ahead of the Rugby World Cup Semi Final against South Africa.

Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall ( Campaign Fighters for childhood Obesity)

Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall ( Campaign Fighters for childhood Obesity) 1

Information from PTA on Spring discos:

Information from PTA on Spring discos:  1
Information from PTA on Spring discos:  2



School will be open as normal today. The school site has been assessed and the yard mostly cleared. Please take your

time and stay safe as some of the pavements on the way to school are icy. No late marks will be given - just please arrive safely.

The Welsh poems to learn for Yr Urdd have been sent home tonight. Pupils from Year 6 will be competing against pupils from Year 6 in other schools, if chosen, to recite the poems.
We have been practising these poems in class but we have decided that we need extra practise at home.

Please practise, practise, practise these poems at home - competitors will be chosen next week. 
There is a GROUP recital and a SOLO recital.
Audio versions of the poem can be found by clicking on this link and then choosing the name of the poems:
Dost Ofnadw
Pam fod coesau hir gan froga?






  Croeso i Dosbarth Du!

 This term will be full of exciting and interesting things to do! Our topic is The Blitz - read our curriculum summary below to find out more!

The Blitz Curriculum summary

If the photos from today aren't showing below, Then click on them and they should show up! This works on my computer xx 

Spellings Monday 11th July

Spellings week beginning Monday 27th June

Rhondda Fach Netball Champions 2016

Spellings for Monday 20th June

Some of our fantastic Pop Art work

Some of our fantastic Pop Art work 1
Some of our fantastic Pop Art work 2
Some of our fantastic Pop Art work 3
Some of our fantastic Pop Art work 4
Some of our fantastic Pop Art work 5
Some of our fantastic Pop Art work 6

Spellings to be tested on Monday 16th May

Picture 1

Spellings to be tested on Monday 9th May

Photos of us in our Crime Solvers Workshop!

Photos of us in our Crime Solvers Workshop!  1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14



The National Numeracy, Numerical Reasoning and Reading Tests will be administered between the dates of Tuesday 3rd May – Wednesday 11th May - exact dates were on the recent newsletter and can be found below.


We have been completing lots of past papers and practise papers in class to help prepare for the tests. A few parents have asked for copies of practise papers at home to help the children prepare, personally we would advise against this as they are doing enough practise in school to help them get used to the test format so keeping going over and over them doesn’t always help.

Instead, I would advise reading as much as possible in preparation for the Reading test – and doing ANY comprehension style activities – verbally and/or written so that the pupils get used to not only reading a text, but answering questions about it – and taking the answers from the text.


For Maths, good preparation would be to keep practising a mixture of numeracy based questions like we do daily before our maths lessons - times tables, time and timetable questions, measurement questions - converting cm into metres / into kms, reading scales.

The website, is fantastic for generating these type of mixed questions. (Go to the Maths, year 6 section.)


I have included a link to the website to where you can download the practise papers and print off at home - to those who would still like to practise some of them, or to have a look over the type of questions the children will be answering:


Numeracy and Numerical Reasoning Practise Papers can be viewed and downloaded here -

Reading Papers can be downloaded here:

Our Art portraits of each other as Tudor Royalty

Our Art portraits of each other as Tudor Royalty 1
Our Art portraits of each other as Tudor Royalty 2
Our Art portraits of each other as Tudor Royalty 3
Our Art portraits of each other as Tudor Royalty 4
Our Art portraits of each other as Tudor Royalty 5
Our Art portraits of each other as Tudor Royalty 6
Our Art portraits of each other as Tudor Royalty 7
Our Art portraits of each other as Tudor Royalty 8

You have an extra day to learn your spellings this week!! They are in the link below!

Picture 1

Spelling Words to be tested on Monday 18th April

Spellings to be tested on Monday 11th April

Spellings to be tested on Monday 21st March

We've had a busy few weeks in Dosbarth Du, starting with Welsh Week and Cycling after half term.


Welsh week was exciting and exhausting! Getting everything ready for St David's Day. We made - and tasted - Welsh Rarebit - which was delicious!


Cycling - On the first day they checked our bikes to see if they were safe for the road, we learnt some basic skills which included balance and signalling. We all passed level 1. In level 2 we learnt how to cross a T junction. We also learnt about some road signs.


Then we had St David's Day and our School Eisteddfod. We had a big part to play in Year 6 this year including taking part, helping organise and run it and judging some of the heats. The Year 6 boys especially enjoyed learning and performing, "The Highlands of Scotland."


Overall winners of the day were Ty Gwyrdd, the Green House! Well done!

But we also had many winners from the other competitions in Dosbarth Du.


Ellie Reed and Erica Lloyd Lewis came first and second in the Handwriting Competition.

Ieuan Evans and Faith Williams came first and third in the Art Competition. Their entries can be seen below.


Iestyn Perkins did a wonderful rendition of the Star Wars theme tune on his acoustic guitar and came second in the instrumental - a special mention has to go to Alfie Groves who wasn't placed in the Instrumental Competition but played an enjoyable version of Happy Birthday on his acoustic guitar!

Ella Thomas came first in the Singing Competition with her version of Mrs Parsons' favourite hymn, Calon Lan.   


Isaac Pritchard and Daniel Melling came second and third in the Poetry Competition which led to the Chairing of the Bardd - which went to Grace Snell in Dosbarth Brown - Da iawn Grace!


Such talent in Dosbarth Du!


This week, the pupils also attended the National Eisteddfod at Llanharri Comprehensive School. They all did really well, with Ellie Reed winning the poetry recital from our class and the group poem winning too! The choir also qualified!


Skiing- We waved goodbye to 10 of our class who have gone skiing. They travelled by bus and Ferry. They will be having around 4 hours of skiing for 3 days.

They are staying at "Zell am see"


Please check Twitter for updates from them and we can't wait for them to refresh our website when they come back.


By Ella Thomas and Molly Giboney.

Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Spellings to be tested on Monday 14th March

Spelling Words to be tested on Monday March 7th

Spellings to be tested on Monday 29th February

Picture 1

Group recitation urdd

Still image for this video

Individual recitation Urdd

Still image for this video

We have had a busy week and we are moving on fast with our topic (The Tudors).

We have been drawing and painting Tudor monarchs in art. We are going to use different materials to make a frame and some of the accessories on the portraits.


      In maths we have been looking at house prices and working out 10% 50% 20% 5% and 1% and taking them off the original price, some people have been working out the 1%thet the estate agent  would earn from the original price.

In English we have been writing descriptive sentences and we are entering the 500 word competition for BBC radio 2. The link is below 

In our Topic (The Tudors) we have been working in groups to find out about all different monarchs (kings and queens) we have been making fact files from all the information we have gathered over the past few weeks. We have also been looking at henry viii and finding out if he is  villain  or  a hero from all the information we found out he is a true villain because he is greedy not just for money but for love and food.


By Erica and Ellie




Hello everybody,

We've had an amazing week this week.


TREORCHY COMPETITION-  On Wednesday the Treorchy Male Voice Choir came to our school to host a competition called 'junior musician of the year. 30 people took part in this event. The winners were

Musician- Isabella Basini-James (Piano) + Erin Davies (Tenor Horn)

Singers-   1st place- Ellie Reed

                 2nd place- Ella Thomas

                 3rd place- Lowenna Orchard



 By Rhys Vale + Maddison Stanton

Hello everyone,

We had a great week in Dosbarth Du last week! A very busy week indeed!


SCHOOL TRIP - We have been on a school trip to Llancaich Fawr, a Tudor house owned by Edward Pritchard and his family 100's of years ago. We dressed up in old Tudor clothes, made a herb bag to stop us from catching the plague, searched the interesting expedition and learnt a LOT more about the Tudors.


TUDOR ART - In Art this week, we have been reproducing Tudor portraits of ...  Elizabeth I , Mary I , Henry VIII , Henry VII , Anne Boleyn , Sir Walter Raleigh , Edward VI and Jane Seymour. To make old fashion frames for them this Tuesday.


 WELSH - Our sentence pattern of the week is ... Faint ydy dy oed dy ? and Pryd mae dy benblwydd di ? The way to answer these questions are Dw in ................. oed  and  Fy mhenblwydd ydy .................


SPELLINGS - Our spellings for next week are to learn the plural rules eg. Leaf = Leaves       Puppy = Puppies     Girl = Girls.

We have listed the spellings in the link down below. If you are struggling with the plural rules there is a guide to help you down below frown


By Ella and Kacey no




Spelling words for Monday 1st February

Plural Help!

Plural Help! 1

This week's spellings - to be tested on Monday 25th January

Art: Our Tudor Portraits:

Art: Our Tudor Portraits: 1
Art: Our Tudor Portraits: 2
Art: Our Tudor Portraits: 3
Art: Our Tudor Portraits: 4
Art: Our Tudor Portraits: 5
Art: Our Tudor Portraits: 6
Art: Our Tudor Portraits: 7
Art: Our Tudor Portraits: 8
Art: Our Tudor Portraits: 9
Art: Our Tudor Portraits: 10
Art: Our Tudor Portraits: 11
Art: Our Tudor Portraits: 12
Art: Our Tudor Portraits: 13
Art: Our Tudor Portraits: 14
Art: Our Tudor Portraits: 15
Picture 1

Word document of this week's spellings

Welcome back, we hope you all had a lovely Christmas! smiley


We are all excited for our new class topic: The Tudors. To start off the topic we are going on a school trip to Llancaich Fawr on the Friday 22nd January!!!

Tudor Rose

We are currently covering what roses have to do with the Tudors as our homework.

We hope for a lovely new year.


Rhiannon Marchant and James Powell.

Hello Everyone,


On Thursday 10th and Friday 11th we performed our Christmas Concert (Snow White and the 8 dwarves.

The parents laughed, sang along and really enjoyed the show!!! frown

 Our last Christmas Concert was one to remember!!! cool cool cool cool (so SAD) cool


We are looking forward to the pantomime tomorrow (Tuesday 15th December) ALADDIN !!!


To find out more about the pantomime we're seeing, check out :'s-on/aladdin/

                                                                                          By Ella and Tom


Picture 1

Buy tickets for our AMAZING SHOW performed by Year 6 AND Year 5, 'Snow White and the 8 Dwarves'! It is the best performance Cwmlai has ever put on!smiley Get your tickets quickly because there are only 250 seats available and most are sold out; so come and buy your tickets and enjoy the showsurprise. The wicked Queen is wickeder than ever before with her 4 gruesome henchman carrying out her wicked plots. Will our dear Snow White survive her deadly deeds? Find out in our performances on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th December.

frownBy Rhys Vale and Kacey Reesfrown


P.S Our Performance is WAY Better than the real film!!!!



Dead Man's Cove was a very good book, everyone in the class liked it. The book is about an orphaned 11 year old girl called Laura Marlin. Laura was in Sylvan Meadows Children's home when Social Services found her uncle. As soon as she got to her uncle's house she is confronted with many mysteries…


Who is Tariq and why doesn't he speak? Who wrote the messages in the bottle? What is so special about the Syberian husky dog Sky? Find out the answers to these questions by reading this amazing adventure book. It was Blue Peter's Book of the Year 2011 and we know why!!!


nonono By Iestyn Perkins + Daniel Melling nonono



Picture 1

Please see the link below to your Christmas Spelling Test!


As part of our new topic, Potions, we did a science investigation showing how mixing sugar, yeast and hot water together could blow up a balloon! It worked! After 120 minutes the balloon was 36cm in circumference! It was filled with a gas called CARBON DIOXIDE which the yeast let off when mixed with it's food - in this case that was the sugar! This is how bread is made too! Yuck!enlightened


If you  want to do it yourself at home - check out the link below!


By Rhys Vale and Kacey Rees

Picture 1

Our Science Investigation

Spellings for Week Beginning Monday 30th November

Picture 1
Picture 1

We hope that you enjoyed looking at our Children In Need photos - we have many more in school and 2 displays full - one in class and one in the hall!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1
Picture 1


Please find a Word copy of the original Children in Need Letter, that was sent home to all classes today, below:

Welcome back Dosbarth Du!

Welcome back Dosbarth Du! 1
Welcome back Dosbarth Du! 2
Picture 1

Well done on your Spelling Test this week Dosbarth Du. Most of you had 20/20! Some of you even had ALL the topic-related Challenge words correct - well done!

I have put next weeks spelling test words below - just click on the Word Document and it will open up a page with the 20 next high frequency words for you to learn and the 4 challenge words. Good luck!

Spellings week beginning 21st September

Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1

Multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000

Croeso i Dosbarth Du. Our topic this half term is Bend and Flow. This project has a Geography and Science focus. It teaches you about rivers, rainfall, soils and the impact of water on communities. At the heart of this project you will learn to write poetry on a river theme and develop additional skills in persuasive and report writing.


Look out for photographs and video footage of our Bend and Flow adventures! laugh




We thought it would be helpful to let you know what your child will be doing in the classroom over the course of the term.  There are many things you can do at home to support your child’s learning, and we hope the following information will prove useful.




Picture 1

Autumn term 2015 Bend & Flow    Class: Du

Teachers: Mrs E. Scott/Mrs L. Parsons

Curriculum Focus:  Science and Geography.

This project has a geography and science focus. It teaches children about

rivers, rainfall, soils and the impact of water on communities. At the heart of this project the children will learn to write poetry on a rivers theme and develop additional skills in persuasive and report writing.

Pupils will carry out a variety of scientific investigations. They will set their own success criteria and will gain a thorough understanding of fair testing and identify key variables.

In this project the children will learn:

• About significant rivers of Wales;

• To use a range of geographical skills to investigate the physical features of rivers, including the water cycle, and to consider the impact these features might have on the landscape over time and in specific locations;

• To develop investigative fieldwork skills;

• To use ICT and other sources to find, record and present information;

• To respond to a stimulus in a creative way, developing skills in the

expressive arts;

• To write poetry on a theme using descriptive and expressive vocabulary;

• To present a balanced argument, based on factual information.

P.E. Sessions:

Our designated P.E. day is Thursday. Children will need to bring suitable kit, (black shorts and white t-shirt), and trainers to take part. Can we remind parents no jewellery is allowed for P.E. sessions; earrings must be removed.

Spelling: Children will be given spellings weekly and tested on a Monday morning.

Reading: Library day is Friday when your child can change his/her book but they are expected to bring their reading book to school every day. Please listen to your child read at least once a week and make relevant comments in their reading record.

Maths: Children in year 6 are expected to know all their tables. We hold weekly gunfighters’ championships and Big Maths Clic tests. Knowledge of their tables will greatly help them in many areas of maths so support to learn their tables off by heart is welcomed.

Homework: Please expect homework on a Friday to be returned the following Wednesday.

School Trip: We are hoping to visit Cilfynydd Environmental Centre to carry out a River kick and study of the River Taff. (Dates TBC)

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries, our door is always open. This is an important year for both you and your child and will mark the end of their time at Primary School. We want them to make as many happy memories as they can and to become the best version of themselves to achieve their full potential.

Kind regards,

Mrs E Scott & Mrs L Parsons

Class of 2014-2015

Please come and suppport year 6 who are organising 'Whose Story is it Anyway?' We are sellling tickets all week in Cwmlai Primary school, top yard.We are trying to raise money for the year 6 London Trip to watch Charlie And The Chocolate Factory! We have been planning this for a while now, and can't wait to share the show with you.  surpriseheart

Many Thanks

 Kian Brayshaw

Picture 1
Da iawn to Sam Jones; Baird of our 2015 School Eisteddfod. Pupils entered a variety of competitions from recitals, poetry, handwriting and art. Ty Gwyn won this year's Eisteddfod, bendigedig!!no 

Croeso i Dosbarth Du. Our topic this half term is skin deep. This project has a science focus and teaches children about microorganism, focussing on bacteria and the impact these can have on the human body. Children also learn about the effects of puberty on their own bodies. At the heart of this project children write scientific accounts and develop additional skills in writing and planning a sequenced script for an information film.

Look out for photographs and video footage of our skin deep journey.laugh


Read our story by Ethan, our first Author of the Week!!

Welcome to Black!


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