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Criw Cymraeg


Criw Cymraeg 


The Welsh Assembly Government has announced an aim to increase the number of welsh speakers in Wales to 1 million by the year 2050. As part of this aim they have issued a charter called 'Siarter Iaith Cymraeg' -  The Welsh Language Charter.

The school part of this charter is called Cymraeg Campus and our first job has been to create a 'Criw Cymraeg' or Welsh Crew.  Our Criw Cymraeg is made up of two children from each class and their role is to promote the use of the Welsh Language in our school and the wider community. 
We are currently working our way towards the bronze award and are working hard to promote the Welsh language in school. 


Dyma'r Criw
Our Criw Cymraeg are working so hard and verification for Y Wobr Efydd (the Bronze Award) is imminent! . Fingers crossed they have done enough to achieve it!