Primary School

Living And Learning As One

Parents' Evening


At Cwmlai Primary, we believe children make the most progress when parents and teachers work closely together. We will keep you informed about your child’s progress in a variety of ways throughout the school year. We invite parents to make an appointment to meet with their child’s teacher at any point during the year should they be concerned about their child’s progress, but have two formal parents’ evenings each academic year.

Autumn Parents’ Evening

Parents are offered a 10-minute appointment during the autumn term to meet their child’s new teacher. The following things will usually be discussed:

  • How your child is settling into their new class
  • General progress in English, Maths and Thematic work
  • Child’s targets for learning
  • Class routines eg. PE days, homework etc.
  • Any questions you may have


Spring Parents’ Evening

During the summer term, parents are offered a second 10-minute appointment to meet with their child’s teacher. The following things will be discussed:

* Progress in English, Spelling, Maths, Times Tables and Thematic Work

* Progress towards learning targets (shared in the previous meeting)

* Child’s current targets for learning

* Homework

* Any questions you may have

* Transition to Comprehensive School (Y6 Only)

* A chance to look through your child’s school books