Who's Who


Come and meet the staff at our school!


Headteacher: Mrs J.Rees

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs E. Scott


Office Staff: Mrs L.Jones, Mrs Cope, Mrs Rees.


Nursery - Dosbarth Enfys

Lead Teaching Assistants: Miss Windsor and Miss Griffiths

Support Staff: Miss Richards, Miss Barry, Miss Povey.


Nursery Manager: Miss Ayres


Reception - Dosbarth Aur & Glas

Class Teachers: Mrs Roberts , Miss Ayres & Mrs Green

Support Staff: Mrs L.Jones and Mrs J Jones


Year 1 - Dosbarth Coch

Class Teachers: Miss Horrigan, Mrs John & Mrs Green

Support Staff: Mrs K Evans and Miss Drew.


Year 2J - Dosbarth Oren

Class Teacher: Miss Jones


Year 2B - Dosbarth Porffor

Class Teacher:  Mrs Blandford

Year 2 Support Staff: Mrs S Evans and Miss Morris


Foundation Phase Leader: Mrs Blandford


Year 3S - Dosbarth Gwyrdd

Class Teacher: Mrs Parsons 

Support Staff: Mrs Williams


Year 3H - Dosbarth Melyn

Class Teacher: Mrs Scott / Mrs Green 

Support Staff: Mrs Phillips/ Miss Jones


Year 4P - Dosbarth Aur

Class Teacher: Mrs Putterill

Support Staff: Mrs Williams


Year 4P- Dosbarth Efydd

Class Teacher: Mrs Stancombe

Support Staff: Mrs Williams 


Year 5W -  Dosbarth Gwyn

Class Teacher: Mrs Walters

Support Staff: Mrs Richards


Year 6S - Dosbarth Brown

Class Teacher: Mr Curnell

Support Staff: Mrs Christopher


Year 6SJ - Dosbarth Du

Class Teacher: Miss E Jones

Support Staff: Mrs Christopher


Literacy Support: Mrs Brown and Miss Rowles

One to One Support: Miss Allan, Miss M Jones, Mr L Rees