Primary School

Living And Learning As One


We had lots of fun at our Halloween disco

We have been looking at uses of water both indoors and outdoors, the fire engine came to our school and we talked about why the fire fighters use water.

We mixed up our own potions!

We added different things to water to see what would happen

We created our own bubble creatures

We had lots of fun exploring puddles!


Nursery 2019/2020


Welcome to our class page, we will regularly update this page with photographs for you to see what the children have been enjoying in school. 


We will also post any important dates and information here. 


All children have settled extremely well into Nursery and have enjoyed exploring our multi-cultural topic of Australia.


We are now really looking forward to starting our new and exciting topic. Be sure to keep an eye on our class page for some photographs! 




The children had a surprise visit from the Welsh Hawking Centre, they were given a fantasic real life experience and held Twiglet the Owl!

We had a special visit from one of our parents, the children were given amazing experiences relating to our topic. The children explored stars through music, light and touch!

Using playdough the children created their own starts to decorate our classroom

The children discovered a sad star in the nature area, they shared ideas on how to make the star happy and return him to the sky.

**Important from the PTA for the Aviva grant**

Can we ask all parents, family, friends - everyone! To vote for us please:

We've entered the Aviva Community Fund to ask for £10,000 for IT equipment for the school - a class set of Chromebooks and an ActivPanel interactive board.

Voting opens today (Tuesday 23rd) at 9am - if you could spare a few minutes to vote for Cwmlai Primary School IT Improvement on the link below it would be massively appreciated! And if your family, friends, neighbours and anyone you've ever known could too, that would be amazing!
Only the projects with the highest votes go through into the final round of considerations and the school could really do with some new equipment.

Voting closes on 20th November, so don't delay!!


You might have to copy and paste the above address, rather than just clicking on it.

Thank you!
Cwmlai PTA and all Cwmlai Primary Staff

Nursery 2018/19 We settled really well into Nursery!

Message from PTA about the Spring Disco



School will be open as normal today. The school site has been assessed and the yard mostly cleared. Please take your

time and stay safe as some of the pavements on the way to school are icy. No late marks will be given - just please arrive safely. 


We had an e mail from the Local Authority at 2.10 this afternoon which goes as follows;-


We would also recommend that you use the following statement when sending a text to parents or posting this information on social media/school websites:


“Based on current Met Office forecasts of severe winter weather, which is expected to have a significant impact from tomorrow, Thursday 1 March and in to the weekend, the local authority has advised us to close the school tomorrow, Thursday 1 March and Friday 2 March. An update will be provided over the weekend in respect of Monday, 5 March.”


Therefore based on the above information Cwmlai Primary will be closed tomorrow

We will keep in touch via text.

For Harvest, on Friday 27th October, we will be collecting for the Food Bank Rhondda. Please see the info below of what items they need donated :) thank you for your support

We had a visit from some beautiful birds of prey! The children were absolutely fascinated by them and asked lots of questions. We all learned lots of new and interesting facts about our feathered friends. Each child was offered the opportunity to choose a bird to hold with a special glove. At the end of the session the man who brought the birds to visit, told us that he thought our children were the best behaved nursery class he had ever visited! He was amazed and impressed by how nicely they sat and listened and by the answers they gave to his questions. As our topic has covered nocturnal animals, and we have been discussing owls in class, the children had lots of questions that they wanted to ask. Well done nursery, we are all very proud of you! Also, just a little reminder for you all, that the Halloween disco will be on Thursday. Please can your child come dressed in their scariest costume (if they want to) and be prepared for lots of fun!

Pudsey Bear came to Cwmlai to visit all the big boys and girls!

We came to school in our pyjamas!

Pyjama Day
Nursery pyjama day is tomorrow Friday 7th October! 

Remember to wear your pyjamas and bring your favourite bedtime toy to Nursery.

We have an exciting day planned :-) 

Remember to come back soon to have a look at our photographs.



We made our own stars in Nursery!

A bright light was seen shooting through the sky...


Our topic this term is 'When I Fall Asleep'. This topic has a knowledge and understanding of the world focus and enables children to explore 'after dark' including finding out about the moon, stars, nocturnal animals and familiar routines at the end of the day. With the Winter months approaching and the days getting shorter it is perfect timing for us to explore this topic. 
The children will:

  • Share their experiences of bedtime routines
  • Look at the moon the stars and how the sky changes at night
  • Explore nocturnal animals such as owls, bats and foxes including where they live
  • Express their own ideas and feelings about dreams they experience
  • Learn simple lullabies and nursery rhymes
  • Learn about being safe and feeling safe at night time 


I'm sure we will have lots of fun during our new topic. Please keep checking for photographs of our activities! 


Welcome to our Nursery class page! 

Our class name is Enfys (Rainbow) and the class teachers are Miss Griffiths and Miss Windsor.

Here you can find information and find out what we have been learning about. We will post photographs of activities from both morning and afternoon sessions enabling you to see all the fun we have been having in Nursery. 

All children have settled really well into their new Nursery class. The children are enjoying meeting new friends and exploring all of the exciting new areas of their classroom. The children have also enjoyed exploring our outdoor area. 


Important information:
Homework books are sent home on a Monday and are to be returned to school the following Monday.

Apple money is £1 a week and should be paid to the class teacher.


Below are some settling in photographs for you to see!











Using natural resources, we designed a shield for a knight, just look how well we did!

We took advantage of a golden opportunity when Jack Frost came to visit and made some beautiful ice mobiles.

We built our very own castle in the classroom! 

Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely break and had lots of fun. Our new topic this term is called 'Dragon Tales'.


This topic enables children to explore the historical, traditional and fantasy world of castles including the lives of people who lived and worked in them.


This topic allows children to learn about: 

  • Different types of castles and their features
  • Significant castles of Wales
  • The lives of people in the past
  • Similarities and differences between castles and the homes in which we live.



We built ice towers and held them up to the light. We saw many different colours shining inside.

Glow and Glitter! We followed a golden glittery path to find things that shone and glittered!

We had loads of fun celebrating Christmas at Cwmlai!

We carried out an experiment to find out what the word 'dissolved' meant. We set up a mixing station and found out for ourselves!

We had to solve a problem. How would we transport all this water from one side of the playground to the other and into an empty water tray? Using lots of different containers of all shapes and sizes, some with holes and some without, we worked in teams and solved the problem together!

We had a letter from Teddy Twt asking us to build him a waterproof den, because he was getting very wet down in the nature area!

We carried out an experiment to find out what the word 'waterproof' meant.

We had to solve a problem! Incy Wincy was stuck in a spout, using pipes,pipe stands, various containers and a lot of water, we managed to find a way to wash him out! Da iawn Dosbarth Enfys!

Pitter Patter Puddle Play, Exploring Puddles!

Having fun exploring the outdoors!

Cefn Mably School Trip


The nursery trip to Cefn Mably is this Wednesday 8th July.  We will be leaving school at 9.30am and will return approximately 2.30pm.  Please come in to school with your child at 9am.  For our trip your child MUST:-

  • Be in school uniform.

  • Have a sun hat.

  • Have suncream applied before we leave.

  • Have a packed lunch (for you as well).

  • Have a drink in a bottle – no cartons please as the children need to be able to have a drink whenever they need one.

  • Wear sensible shoes – we will be doing lots of walking and there is a big adventure playground.

  • If it is raining have a lightweight raincoat.

The weather will likely be hot so all of the above is very important.  If there are any questions please see the class teacher.  Thank you for your support.

Miss Horrigan and the Nursery Staff.

Nursery Summer Trip


This year the nursery Summer trip will be to Cefn Mably Farm Park on Wednesday 8th July 2015.  Each child must have 1 adult to accompany them and the adult must be someone who is known to nursery staff.  Unfortunately, due to health and safety requirements and numbers on the bus, the trip will be restricted to children in the nursery only (no siblings).


The cost of the trip for an adult and child will be £13.  This covers the cost of the bus and entrance to the farm.  A packed lunch will be required for both of you.  The bus will depart from school 9.30am and will return by 2.30pm.


If you are unable to organise an adult to accompany your child on the trip please see me and we will organise a member of staff to chaperone them.

Thank you,

Miss Horrigan

Dinosaur Open Afternoon

Still image for this video

Dinosaur Open Afternoon


Thank you to our parents and grandparents who supported the nursery's open afternoon today! It was a huge success and we hope you enjoyed looking at your children's work as much as they enjoyed creating it! A fantastic end to a super topic!!

We Are The Dinosaurs!

Open Afternoon

Nursery open afternoon is on Friday 22nd May at 2pm.  Parents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles are invited to join us in the school hall for a dinosaur themed afternoon. The children will sing some of their favourite dinosaur songs and then show you around their classroom where you can see their fantastic work!


Don't forget to help your child decorate a t shirt for the afternoon! T shirts to be brought in to school by Thursday 21st May.

Croeso I Dosbarth Enfys!


Our topic this term is Dinosaurs! The children are very excited to find out about their favourite dinosaur.  They will be finding out about what dinosaurs ate, where they lived, how they moved. They will be learning new words such as herbivore, carnivore and extinct.                       

The children are anxiously waiting for their role play area to be completed- a dinosaur nest filled with books, information sheets, pictures, puppets and dinosaur models for them to explore. Photos to follow!